Q Society of Australia Inc was deregistered in June 2020. There are no more activities and we do not maintain an office in Australia. The content of this page is retained as an archive.

Q Society of Australia Inc was a not-for-profit civil rights organisation, run by a dedicated group of volunteers. Due to changes in legislation, which gave the religious ideology of Islam similar status to racial groups, the board decided to de-register the association. Regretably, Australia no longer protects freedom of speech in accordance with Article 19 of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Without effective protection of free speech, lawfare under the misguided 'Racial and Religious Tolerance Act' and similar legislation, make critical discussion of Islam in Australia near impossible. Supporters came from different ethnicities and creeds, all bound by a common goal: To inform Australians about Islam.

As a nation that values freedom of expression, most of us have been brought up to respect all religions. However, what if a religion considers our laws as deficient and advocates the violation of basic human rights?
And what if these rights are being violated right here in Australia?

Q Society provided a platform for these issues to be critically debated. Forums featuring world-renowned scholars, meetings and online resources were just some of the ways we inspired and educated.

Taking action was an important part of what we do. From informing and lobbying politicians to running campaigns and organising events - we promoted critical debate and positive change using democratic methods.

To learn more about Q Society, please explore our website.