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image Q Society of Australia Inc was deregistered in June 2020. There are no more activities and we do not maintain an office in Australia. The content of this page is retained as an archive.

We organised public events around the country to educate about the true nature of Islam. Predictably the truth about Islam is not always available from Islamic apologists. Our events were designed to provide interested Australians with unbiased facts, critical information as well as a platform to network and share experiences.

Q Society has supported and invited non-Muslim scholars of Islam, authors, politicians and civil rights campaigners to speak at our events. Our meetings provided Australians with a non-partisan view of Islam and brought together those who share our concern about the growing impact of Islam and sharia law on Australian government, businesses and communities.

Simon Deng was touring Australia with Q Society in November 2014 and spoke in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Simon is a vocal human rights activists originally from the south of the Sudan, who now lives in New York City. He spoke on 'Slavery and Persecution under Islam. As a former child slave himself, this is a topic close to his heart.

Clare Lopez has visited Australia following an invitation by Q Society in Aug/Sep 2014. She spoke on "Jihad Resurgent: Islamic Challenge, Western Response" together with Bernard Gaynor, Dr Mark Durie and Michael Smith. See the archived event page for details.

In March 2014 we held the First International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia. The first event of this kind in the southern hemisphere featured workshops, presentations and social events with scholars, authors and activists from Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Australia.

Regional meetings are held with our registered supporters. We plan activities, socialise and network amongst supporters and friends. As a secular civil rights organisation, we value community spirit and good relationships with Australians from all walks of life.